What is printCUBE?

printCUBE is a measurable strategy that provides meaningful cost reduction without capital expenditures.

When you buy printer supplies, all you get is a box. However, there are many costs around the box that may be even more expensive than the cartridge itself.

A Complete Managed Output Services Program

printCUBE provides managed print services outside the box to help you reduce costs. Look at what you get:

  • Print Cartridges – Take advantage of quality print cartridges for every major brand of printer. You can choose from OEM cartridges or quality re-manufactured cartridges. Either way, we can take care of it.
  • Nationwide Service – Whether you have one location or have offices scattered across the country, we can help. Our nationwide service network is certified to provide on site support for every major printer brand.
  •  Help Desk Support – Having problems printing? No problem. Each printer will have 800 number support. First, we will work to resolve the issue immediately, over the phone. This takes care of the majority of problems. If this doesn’t work, we’ll send a technician on site.
  • Real Time Reporting – The printCUBE program includes monitoring software that gives you real time insight into the status of your printer fleet. We also leverage this information to take care of service and supply needs proactively.
  • Pro-Active Supply Restocking – End supply management and reordering hassles with proactive supply restocking. When a printer cartridge reaches pre-set thresholds, we automatically ship a new cartridge directly to the unit.
  • Printer/Multifunction Systems – The printCUBE program does not require capital expenditures on equipment–we work with what you already have. However, in some cases you may require additional equipment. You can choose from a portfolio of new and re-manufactured systems. These can even be bundled in your cost per page billing.
  • Ongoing Optimization – Your business needs will continue to evolve. Once the printCUBE program is in place, we work with you on a quarterly or semi-annual basis to consider your changing business needs and review your usage trends. From this, we can collaborate to continually optimize your printing infrastructure.

Contact us today to learn more about how you could benefit from printCUBE.