Frequently Asked Questions

Come on–can I really save money with this program?

In short, yes! How? Printers are all that we do. By monitoring and servicing printers for thousands of companies across the country, we are able to get economies of scale that save you money. Still skeptical? Check out our success stories to see how other companies are benefiting.

Is the remote monitoring software secure?

Yes. The system does not allow inbound access. It only sends outbound data about your printer status and usage to the monitoring server.

How does the billing work?

Most of our clients choose a usage-based program. In this arrangement, you only pay for the prints you use. One low cost per page includes everything from supplies, help desk support, on site service, remote monitoring and preventative maintenance. Best of all, you only get on invoice from one vendor, streamlining your accounts payable.

Why aren’t we already doing this?

Good question! Contact us right now and get a free assessment of your print costs.